Swimwear Care
In order to get the maximum life from your swimwear we recommend you follow the below guide to swimwear care:

After every use, always rinse your swimwear in fresh water. If it has become soiled, hand wash in cool soapy water and rinse well again. Do not use bleach or any other chemicals to clean your swimwear. Squeeze gently without wringing the garment.

Dry immediately but not in direct sunlight or near artificial heat sources eg. in a tumble drier, as this may cause the fabric to deteriorate.

It is important to rinse your swimwear if you have been swimming in either the sea or a chlorinated pool as both can attack the colours of the fabric.

Fashion colours may fade in direct sunlight and some colours may become transparent when wet.

Do not iron your swimwear or have it dry cleaned.

If you follow these instructions then your swimwear will stay in optimum condition for seasons to come!
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